Cultural Heritage


Our organisation is a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) for a large area in and around Melbourne (see RAP Boundary Map). Under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006, RAPs have responsibilities for the protection and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage. As a statutory authority, we engage with a large variety of stakeholders including the development industry, local and state government as well as state government agencies.

Cultural heritage Services

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As a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) for the greater area of Melbourne and surrounding areas, under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 we have the responsibility to protect and manage Aboriginal cultural heritage within this boundary.

RAPs have responsibilities for the protection and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage. We evaluate Cultural Heritage Management Plans within our RAP area as well as provide advice on applications for Cultural Heritage Permits, Cultural Heritage Agreements and Protection Declarations

The Council offers a comprehensive Cultural Heritage Awareness Induction, for all personnel involved in ground disturbance work at development sites on Wurundjeri land.

For our community the natural world is also a cultural space. We have a special interest in preserving not just our cultural objects, but also landscapes of cultural importance.

Our organisation owns and manages several properties across Wurundjeri country. Each property has highly significant cultural, community and environmental value. Access to these cultural places is regulated by the Council.

The purpose of Wurundjeri Salvage Operations is to have Traditional Owners conduct the excavations on their traditional landscape, working with their own cultural heritage, whilst remaining industry competitive.