Exciting News! The Wurundjeri Corporation has moved! Our new location is 675 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, 3067.

Exciting News! The Wurundjeri Corporation has moved! Our new location is 675 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, 3067.

Terms And Conditions


This is a booking request only. Your request will be processed, and the Wurundjeri Office will contact you as soon as possible in regards to field representative availability for the days you have selected. If, for any reason, you have not received a confirmation that your request has been received, please follow up with a phone call on 03 9416 2905.

Fieldwork booking requests for the following week must be submitted no later than the second last working day of the week i.e. no later than Thursday if Friday is a working day. Fieldwork for the following week is allocated to Wurundjeri field representatives on Fridays (adjusted for Public Holidays). If your booking has been confirmed, you will be notified on the last day of the working week as to who will be attending the following week, along with their contact details.
WL&CCHCAC cannot guarantee fieldworker availability on the requested dates.

Wurundjeri Council will provide the contact details of the Fieldworker attending so they can be contacted directly by the On-Site Contact should they be late to site.
If your booking has been processed, allocated, and a Wurundjeri field representative does not attend site on the hours confirmed by the Wurundjeri Office and is uncontactable on the provided number, please contact the Cultural Heritage Unit on 03 9416 2905. If your call is not answered, please email heritagebookings@wurundjeri.com.au with the details.
If you require any further information on Terms & Conditions, please contact the Cultural Heritage Unit at the Wurundjeri Office on 03 9416 2905.

Project Establishment Meetings: Fieldwork for Wurundjeri RAP area CHMPs cannot commence until a mandatory project establishment meeting has taken place

On-Site Contact Details: Please ensure the On-Site Contact details are correct and the individual is contactable on the day of the booked work. These contact details will be provided to the fieldworker and will be used by Wurundjeri Council to confirm Wurundjeri rep attendance following the booked fieldwork.
If the On-Site Contact changes, please advise heritagebookings@wurundjeri.com.au

Start/Finish Time: Fieldwork bookings for Standard Assessments, Complex Assessments, Salvages, Monitoring Ground Disturbance and Cultural Heritage Permit activities are booked for a maximum of 8 hours per day, inclusive of breaks. Cultural Heritage Inductions, Compliance Inspections and Cultural Values Recordings will be booked for the required timeframe and no more than 8 hours. All activities are charged at the flat RAP Fee per person.

Workplace Health and Safety: Please ensure a Job Safety Analysis/Safe Work Methods Statement procedure has taken place prior to works commencing.
All sites require an onsite toilet. Washing facilities must be on sites where complex assessments and excavations are being undertaken. This must be organised and paid for by the Heritage Advisor and/or Sponsor.

Fees: RAP fee is a flat rate of $1155.00 (+ GST) per person, per day.
The flat RAP Fee applies to a single job type. Should two or more jobs types booked for the same day (e.g. a Cultural Heritage Induction and Standard Assessment), the activities will be charged and invoiced separately.

Artefact Reburials are conducted by up to three Wurundjeri Elders and are charged at a flat rate of $1470.00 (+GST and travel per Elder). If a representative is cancelled outside the Cancellation Policy timeframes then the full daily rate will be charged, i.e. $1155.00 (+ GST) per rep, per day.
Cancellation Policy details can be found in the Wurundjeri Council Management Policies 2017.

If a fieldworker does not attend site, is late to site or leaves site early, please advise heritagebookings@wurundjeri.com.au as soon as possible so that appropriate action can be taken. Wurundjeri Council may not be aware of a field rep’s shortened attendance unless advised by the On-Site Contact.
By completing this booking request, you are agreeing to Wurundjeri Council’s Cancellation Policy, Heat and Rain Policy and Management Policies.

For a full copy of the Wurundjeri Council Management Policies 2017, RAP Fees, Heat and Rain Policy and Cancellation Policy please contact the Cultural Heritage Unit on 03 9416 2905 or email heritagebookings@wurundjeri.com.au