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The rules of the Wurundjeri Council stipulate that members must be descended from the fourth generation of the Wandin family who were all born at Coranderrk (listed below) who now belong to the three family groups of the Council: Wandin, Nevin and Terrick. The three family groups of the Council are descendants of Bebejan/Be-be-jern Jerum-Jerum ( late 1700s, d.1835), Ngurangaeta of the Wurundjeri-willam clan of the Woiwurrung language group, his daughter Annie Borat/Borate ( 1834-37, d. 1870-74) and her son Robert Wandoon/Wandin (b. ca1854-57, d. 1908).

Please describe your Wurundjeri family connections using words and/or a diagram and attach any supporting documents